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Appeals for Probation

Appeals for Probation will be accepted until May 27, 2017 only at the AVP office.

Enrollment Preparation for 1st Semester, 2017-2018

Date Particulars Responsible Person(s)
Apr  27 -- May   3, 2017 Submission of List of core and professional courses Home Dept. Chairs
Apr  27 -- May   3, 2017  Submission of projected number of enrollees per course Home Dept. Chairs
May   8 -- May 12, 2017 Uploading of core and professional courses Registrar
May 13 -- May 15, 2017 Encoding of Schedules for professional courses Home Dept. Chairs
May 16, 2017 Modification of class schedules (if needed) Registrar
May 20, 2017 Assignment of Teachers to Core and Professional courses Providing Dept Chairs
June  2, 2017 Submission of Summer Term Grades Teachers


Student Evaluation

Date(s) Particulars
May 29 -- 31, 2017 Irregular Students
Jun    1 --    3, 2017 Regular Students
June  2 --    3, 2017 Submission of requests for POSSIBLE additional course offerings to AVP

Evaluation includes:

  • Determination of possible late course offerings
  • Assignment of program, section, year level, and maximum load for each student
  • Marking of required courses (classes)
  • Dept. Chairs may also create registration preferably for irregular and returning students
  • Dept. Chairs may add courses for student with deficiencies (and special cases).